Thursday, 8 January 2009

Getting it

"The gay community is usually first to jump onto what's smart and new; they're usually the first to be ahead of the avant-garde. Because the show is satirical and quite sort of catty and biting, it amuses them enormously. And the characters are quite easy to imitate." Joanna Lumley of "Absolutely Fabulous" to The Advocate.

"Gay people ... were the first to find me, and they get everything, they're so sharp. I'll look out in the audience and I see three or four gay guys right in the front row, or a couple of lesbians, I know it's gonna be a good show. I know they're gonna get it, whatever 'it' is they're gonna get the joke. And that's wonderful and I relax." Joan Rivers to Denver's Out Front.

Both quoted by the wonderful Rex Wockner

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